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One of the best decisions we made when planning our wedding was to hire Vanessa as our 3-month coordinator. She was so incredibly organized from the start, all the way through to the last hours of our wedding night. Every wedding has to have hiccups, and when the rain caused a delay for our ceremony, Vanessa listened to our wishes and gave us options on how to proceed. She ensured everything went smoothly despite the rain, and when the sun came out the rest of the evening was incredible thanks to her. Vanessa is the best person to have behind the scenes during your planning, and on your wedding day. Thank you for everything, Vanessa!!

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Having Vanessa as our day of coordinator was one of the best things we could have done for our wedding. We knew we wanted a coordinator from the day we started wedding planning. Thinking that it would help keep things on track, so that our parents or close friends wouldn’t have to step in and not enjoy the day. What we didn’t know is how detail oriented, thoughtful and reliable she would be. Vanessa was always two steps ahead of everything. She did things we didn’t even think of. She organized vendors, dealt with problems that arose in a calm way, all the way to the small things like bustling my dress, and grabbing the wedding party drinks for photos. She made our day very memorable and helped us really be able to enjoy it. Even guests commented on how hard she was working, and we had multiple people second guessing not having a day of coordinator for their wedding. If you are on the fence about hiring a day of coordinator, or Vanessa as your coordinator, I would highly recommend doing it. You will not be disappointed!

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Vanessa was our Day of Wedding Coordinator at Sydenham Rdige Estates in Strathroy just this past long weekend and my god this lady is wonderful!! She went above and beyond in so many ways to make our day perfect! It poured rain the day of and we had to switch the entire plan and timeline for the wedding, due to me making the last-minute call to do it inside and Vanessa and Sydenham Ridge Staff somehow pulled it off so so smoothly. I was worried in the moment that for some reason my day wouldn't turn out to be as special due to all the last-minute changes, but if anything, it was more special! Vanessa thought of so many little things that contributed to this all of a sudden indoor wedding special. I have an entire list if you're interested!!!! And due to all of her decisions, I had the most adventurous and exciting wedding I could have ever dreamed of on a rainy day! Thank you for also supporting our photographer in so many ways and also driving us around in the golf cards to get the most amazing shots and slo ensuring we eat and drink fluids! Thank you for also just simply being a fun and wonderful human being! You;re truly amazing at what you do and we really hope to see you again someday! Thanks for making these memories unforgettable! 

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Words cannot express how thankful I am for everything that Vanessa did leading up to our wedding, the day before the wedding, and on the wedding day. She exceeded our expectations and really made everything come together. Initially we werent sure if we would need a coordinator, but when we realized that we were in need of another set of eyes, ears, and hands...we started searching for a coordinator, and came across Vanessa through our makeup artist. Vanessa worked with us the 3 months leading up to the wedding, during this time she really took the time and extreme consideration into what our vision was for our day. I am a VERY detail oriented person, and that directly translated into our wedding day, so even the small pieces were important to me, and Vanessa respected that and made sure to make note of even the small things that were important to us on the big day. She had so many resources for us to look at and work with, one in particular that comes to mind is her excel document that has alllll our info in a snapshot, so you can see what she has documented for the day. She also outlined a clear schedule for the day, which made us feel so at ease because we knew that there was a plan for each step of the way and that even when we were both stressed with our heads in the clouds on the wedding day...Vanessa was there to make sure everything was on track and expectations were in place for everyone involved. There are SO many moving parts to a wedding you don't anticipate, from the arrival of all vendors, to the setup, ceremony cues, dinner service, and take down of everything, and on the day of I didn't stress about any of these things thanks to Vanessa. All my husband and I had to worry about was getting ready and getting ourselves down that aisle, and the rest was just pure joy and fun. And this is only the things we were aware of Vanessa doing, I am sure there were so many things that Vanessa did behind the scenes that I never heard about or saw. Her attitude was amazing on the day of, she truly felt like a family member, she connected with so many of our guests. If you are contemplating if a coordinator is necessary and wondering if there is room in your budget, I am telling you that this was the best service that money can buy...she literally made our wedding day what we dreamed need to hire her. The flowers, the food, the decor...thats all important, but it has to come together, the overall experience is what matters most and not having to worry about any of it after placing it in Vanessa's hands was so, so priceless. Vanessa, I cannot thank you enough...truly there are not enough words

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Vanessa is incredible!! We had Vanessa as our wedding coordinator and I am so thankful we did! She was always on top of everything and went above and beyond and also was very patient with me especially when I made several seating chart changes. She thought of all the little things, from setting up our decor, she kept us and our large families organized the day of and she was so thoughtful during the day to bring us drinks and cocktail appetizers while we were getting photos done. I couldn’t have asked for anyone better, and would highly recommend her to everyone!

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Being a Type A personality, I knew everything I wanted and had everything ready to go for our wedding on June 6, 2020...until the pandemic hit and turned this world upside down.Our venue was closed, our priest wasn’t able to marry us, dresses couldn’t arrive on time, the list could go on and on. We had to accept that our dream wedding was no longer going to happen the way we wanted it to.2 weeks before our wedding day, Vanessa swooped in and saved the day. She found an officiant to marry us and the location where we had our ceremony. She planned the decor for the basement where we were able to have dinner with those in our “bubble” and it turned out great!Vanessa did everything she could to make us feel like we were having a “real wedding day”. If it wasn’t for Vanessa we couldn’t tell you what our day would have looked like! Thank you Dio Wedding and Events!

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